The older the men, the smaller their willies

On Wednesday I went to the spa, you know that kind where everybody is walking around butt naked. Because it was my first time, I found it really exciting. My friend Lone had given me a spa day for my birthday. She knows better than anyone that my young looking body secretly has the symptoms of a rotten elderly woman.

That Wednesday we took the moped and headed for a day of relaxation. Once arrived I already saw four buttocks just when I  opened the door of the locker room. These four white asses gave me a good impression of what was ahead of me. Lone and I laughed. I laughed because I was nerves, Lone was just laughing at me and gave me a grin that said ‘get ready’.  She had done this multiple times before, so for her it was nothing new. She had already seen boobs, butts, dicks and pussies in all shapes and sizes. After putting our stuff in a locker I quickly put on my robe and we entered a world where clothes had no value at all.

At the beginning it took me a while to adjust. Many people walked around naked without any shame but there were also a lot of people who were just like us, walking through the halls with a robe on (hallelujah, we weren’t alone).
We were totally amazed. Not only because there were so many different saunas, but also because there were so many different types of people.

Round butts, drooping butts, uneven butts, hanging tits with huge nipples, tight tits which the nipples were impossible to find, dicks that looked like small wieners, dicks that looked like wrinkled hoses and dicks so big we just wanted to run away because even if we were 20 meters apart we were afraid that if we made a wrong turn it would still find a way to slip in somewhere even though it was impossible if would fit anywhere!! Yes, everything is possible especially when you’re surrounded by so much water and sweat.

For me and Lone it became a mission to use any sauna available and we almost succeeded. Because we explored every inch of the spa we came to the conclusion that we were actually one of the youngest ‘’couples’’. And when you’re young, you pay attention to the old things. Everyone knows that as we get older things start to hang, sag, move and that a lot changes in size as well. However, we did not know that the size changing could be so extreme. The older the men were, the more their penises turned into small Bifi sausages. It was really disappointing to see, because I was told that men are more beautiful when they turn old (in contrast to women). Women have much more to endure than men of course, because of childbirth and everything. Our body has to fight much harder to stay hot, because off all the changes we go through. I could live with the fact that us women became more ugly when we get older, because when that time would come I believed we could find comfort in the old men who were still kinda pretty. But that beautiful old men does NOT exist! The part that should console us disappears when it gets older so I don’t find it odd if the elder look for something young. Youngsters certainly don’t have any clue of what’s going on, just like me and Lone.
A wonderful spa day, pure enjoyment and everybody comes here just to relax is what we thought. Silly naïve girls we are. By the end of the day it felt like a scary bearded man was following us. But I told myself it was probably a coincidence that he ran back and forth so confusing and then went in the same direction as us over and over again. From the swimmingpool, to the sauna, to the showers, to another sauna and he was still there. I whispered to Lone; ‘I think he’s following us’. ‘YEAH THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT, but I was hoping it was just my imagination!’ Lone and I couldn’t believe it, I thought everybody just came here to relax, to take a break? The moment we walked away the bearded man pretended he entered a sauna and looked quickly around the corner to see where we were going. I gave him a look that said ‘what the fuck are you doing you fucking asshole you’, but I wasn’t sure the message arrived. We walked further but we were still shocked. Was it our imagination and if it wasn’t how long was he following us? ‘Hey, there he is again!’ said Lone who was startled, but he quickly ran the other way. Now we were sure, he was following us! A young fellow came to us and said;’ you weren’t imagining anything, they are following you for a while now and are constantly waiting where you two are going. THEY? THERE WERE MORE?

Lone and I became outraged and decided to do something about it. We went looking for the old men and found him near a hot tub. We dipped our towels into the water until they were soaked, rolled them up and used them to smack the bearded man. With every hit the man’s skin turned more red and he was screaming in pain. Some unclear sorry’s came out of his mouth, but I guess everybody would say sorry if he gets beaten up. After 5 minutes of violently hitting the man, we were stopped by security and were escorted out of the spa. Yes, they agreed that such people didn’t belong there, but that we should leave the ‘beating’ up to them. Oh well, the bearded man has taught his lesson.

We could go home with still a relaxing feeling because the nasty feelings we  had we ‘smacked’ away. Yes, this day was definitely successful we were sure about that.

p.s. we didn’t really beat up that guy, but in our imagination we totally killed him. No I’m just joking we only spread love, no violence!

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