There he stood, with his teddybear and suitcase on the railroad.  Just follow the train tracks and I’ll be there shortly, he thought to himself. Tim had been looking for a while now, but he finally knew   how to get there.

Heaven, a beautiful place better than earth, he was sure. In heaven everyone is happy en nobody hurts each other, at least that’s what his mom told him.

Tim decided today that he wanted to go to heaven. He no longer wanted to stay at home, it was too painful. His dad was always drinking out of these strange little bottles and then started to act very crazy. Tim didn’t understand any of it. After two bottles dad was kind of funny, most of the time he and Tim danced together and played fun games. But once daddy had more bottles it became less fun. Daddy started yelling and got angry about everything. He started to made weird moves with his arms and legs and at first Tims thought it was just another dance, but sometimes mommy was suddenly crying on the floor. Daddy’s dance had hurt mommy. Mommy had many bruises and also her face became more swollen after a while. Mommy had a lot of pain. One time Tim tried to help mommy, but he never dared again. The day he wanted to help his mom, his dad pushed him down the stairs and Tim had to be hospitalized. The doctors made Tim better with a cast on his leg. A broken leg remembered Tim, that’s what he gained from the weird dance from dad. From that moment on his mom told him that Tim should keep his distance and needed to stay in his room, but Tim didn’t listen. Every night when his dad drunk his bottles and began his dance Tim looked around the corner and waited till daddy was finished. When daddy was gone, Tim grabbed a towel and dabbed away mommy’s wounds. Then he made her a sandwich and gave her a glass of water.  Sometimes they just sat there for the rest of the evening. Mom always said: ‘It will be okay, just wait.’ But it didn’t. Daddy did so much of his weird dances with mommy that mommy began to look less like mommy. Tim knew it was his mother, but she just looked so different, her skin even had different colors.

One day Tim’s mom said: ‘I love you, but I have to go.’ Tim was puzzled and asked, ‘where are you going mommy?’ His mother gave him a loving smile and replied; heaven.
That was the last time Tim saw her.

The day after his dad told him that mommy had waited on the train tracks to take the train. Tim asked if she had gone to heaven and daddy said yes. Therefore Tim was now also waiting on the tracks. Just stand and wait for a train to come and he would go to heaven, he was sure about that. Besides, if his mommy could do it, why couldn’t he?

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