I found my backpack in Huacachina

June 13, 2018

After spending the day in Lima, I took the morning bus to Huacachina, the last oasis in America. I was very excited to see this oasis but more excited to see Loes again. She was also coming to Huachina and we were going to spend 3 days in the desert. When the bus arrived at the station I did not see my friend, so I picked up my suitcase first. Once I had my suitcase and turned around, a feeling of happiness came over me. There she was, my Emma Louisiana, my backpack I had not seen for such a long time. On the one hand, it felt unreal to see her in at a bus station in Peru, but on the other, it felt natural. It felt like I’d seen her just yesterday, except I cried a lot for someone who had seen her friend 24 hours ago.
We took a cab and there we went, on our way to Huacachina.

We had 3 incredible days in Huacachina. We enjoyed the oasis, we went sandboarding and went through the desert with a buggy. It was a great experience. It was now wintertime in Peru, so we weren’t dying from the heat. The max was 24 degrees and that was warm enough really.

The bizarre thing was, is that when you climbed to the top of the (sand) mountain, you looked over a huge slum. It was kind of heartbreaking. At that moment I realized how beautiful and poor Peru is at the same time. It made me sad, but also grateful.

Grateful for the life that I have, thankful that I can do such a trip and happy that such a journey gives you new insights.

Next stop – Arequipa.


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  1. Did You love Cumbia music in Peru?

    1. I loved the music and culture!!

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