Fitgirl vs. crazy-eyes

A few years ago I started doing fitness, basically because I wanted to use the hashtag fitgirl
really bad. Most of the time I used #fitgirl when I was eating something really unhealthy, like
cake or candy, you know as a joke. But in response I received al these angry messages that I
definitely wasn’t a fitgirl and I should be ashamed of myself if I was using this hashtag. So to
get away from the madness, I decided to change my life and join the gym.

I quickly got the taste of working out and went to the gym 4 times a week. When I had a
really good week, I even went five times! No-fitgirl my ass! (Nutrition aside ofcourse,
because I wasn’t brave enough to leave those Tony Chocolonely’s in the shelves at the
supermarket… they needed me)

When I started to work out I was afraid to go alone to the gym, but I had a friend who joined
me frequently. But ofcourse that day came that my friend left me hanging and I had to go by
myself, if I still wanted to use #fitgirl ofcourse, I had nog other choice. So there I went, by
myself to the gym. I was excited but mostly scared. But after a while I found a routine and I
even enjoyed working out more if I was by myself. Slowly I saw my body changing. A few
lines on my tummy, my legs became stronger and I had a lot more energy during the day. At
that point I kinda became addicted and if I didn’t work out for one day I became one of those
grumpy bitches from the commercials. ‘Why are you down?’ my friends asked. My response:
‘Oh I miss the gym, I’m such a fitgirl you know.’ Okay that wasn’t my answer, but I was
grumpy as hell.

The longer you work out at one gym, the more friends you make. I even started saying ‘hi’ to
more than 5 people when I entered the gym and that’s quite an achievement for me. Im not a
morning person and usually I don’t talke before 10 am, but when I went to the gym at 7 in the
morning I had a lot more social skills apparently. If you went in the evening there were no
‘hi’s’. Just a ‘don’t look or talk to me, because I will pretend I did not see you there.’ I guess I
was to tired in the evening and didn’t had the energy use my voice that often…

In the meanwhile I was going to the same gym for over a year now. I started to notice that the
‘always looking on my phone – wearing nonstop earpods with loud music – and very busy
using this machine – attitude’ started to fail. Because all those people who loved to chit-chat
while working out, started involve me in the chit-chatting more and more. One guy, I named
him Anna-bolic, started chatting more and more. Even though I hate to talke while working
out. He said things like;’ gooooddd jobbb’ and ‘you go girl‘, but that was more than enough
for me. Yes I know, he didn’t say that much and he was really friendly, but I was kind off
scared of him. He was so big and frightening that sometimes I was afraid that his voice only
could hurt me, because even his voice was muscular.

In addition to Anna-bolic, there were others who were less pleasant and I mean really
uncomfortable. One day I came out of the gym, with of course earpods and loud music. There
was a large group outside and I heard “ready for today?’’. I didn’t know the voice, so I
assumed this was not meant for me, so I went to my car. All of a sudden there’s a loud voice
besided me; WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME.” I turned around, it was ‘crazy eyes’ that
stood in my personal space. I quietly removed my earpods and said “excuse me?” I felt
Crazy-eyes: ‘ I asked you, ready for today and you ignored me

Me: ‘Sorry, I didn’t know you were talking to me’
Crazy-Eyes; ‘Okay but you can just give me an answer, inside I said ‘hi’ to you also and you
ignored it as well.
Me: ‘Okay, I am always listening to music and didn’t notice, it was not my intention’
Crazy-Eyes: ‘ You looked directly at me’
Me; ‘Sorry, I l’m a dreamer, I didn’t realize, otherwise I would have said hi…’
Crazy-Eyes: ‘Okay…………………… Have a nice evening’
And then he walked away. WHAT THE FUCK just happened? When did he said hi and why
the hell was this punk so angry. I drove home and decided not to think about it anymore.

Two weeks after the incident I was training quietly when someone tapped me on my shoulder.
When I turned around I saw it was Crazy-Eyes. ‘May I ask you something?’ he said. He said
it kind of nice, but super loud so everyone in the gym could hear his question. ‘Tell me?’ I
‘Do you have a boyfriend?’ he asked. When is said no, he answered with a loud ‘OK’ and
walked away. Everyone around me looked at me awkwardly. What the fuck…

When I finished exercising, I grabbed my earpods and sang along with Ariana Grande while I grabbed a shopping bag from my trunk. I was going to the supermarket. because I was out of olives. As soon as I started my car, someone behind me appeared and was shining a bright light. I couldn’t see shit, so I drove away. When I drove away, I saw where the light came from. It was crazy eyes on his motorcycle… He made a weird move, pretending to hit my car and suddenly was standing right next to me. I hit the brake and looked at him with anger en confusion. I was shocked. He signaled and was shouting at me. However I did not understand a thing, thanks to Ariana.  I finally realized that the intimidating, aggressive behavior was his way of flirting (I think ?!) and I decided to drive away. WHAT THE FUCK ?!

The next day was the first time I was reluctant to go to the gym. Crazy-Eyes kind of scared me, but I could not let some crazy person keep me from doing what I wanted to do.
I’ll have to admit that after three weeks I was still walking around like a nervous wreck and everytime I saw a motorcycle in front of the gym, I almost peed my pants. But I went anyway!
Fortunately I never saw him again after that incident. And if I would cross him again in the future and he was still showing this unstable behavior, I would just run him over with my car 🙂
Because really, who thinks it’s sexy when a boy apporoaches you so aggressively? Or am I the only one who doesn’t get weak in the knees from this kind of behaviour?!

Furthermore, I still like fitness, besides situations like this, but luckily it doesn’t happen every day.

Anyway … what are your hobbies?

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  1. Superb one. I felt you did such a true experiment with yourself and got a fantastic positive result. Writing style is also superb one. Wishes

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